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TRX I & TRX Plus

Introduced to Newbury Park by The Studio in 2009, TRX was designed by a Navy SEAL. This set of nylon straps creates resistance from two sources always at your disposal: body weight and gravity. TRX Suspension Training gives you the ability to unlock new dimensions in your training. Resistance can be adjusted from 5 percent to 100 percent of body weight by changing the incline of your body. This is THE cutting edge training program that will take your performance to the next level!

TRX I - Recommended for newbies or those who want to optimize their resistance/weight training and add cardio. 30 Minutes of a full body workout.

TRX Plus - 45 Minutes of TRX, this workout will challenge you to the CORE!

Pilates TRX - Special to us here, formatted by Colleen, this class takes you through a Pilates workout using the TRX straps for added resistance and support in assisting with balance, core strengthening and flexibility.

SCULPTRX - formatted by Diane this full hour class challenges you on the TRX and Off! Diane is a master at body sculpting and her class is fun and addicting.

TRX was Named 2010's BEST TOTAL - BODY TOOL by Men's Health Magazine.